The History of Lindenmeyr Munroe

With an enduring passion for paper products and proudly invested in the industry’s future, Lindenmeyr Munroe demonstrates the lasting legacy of its family ownership, and sustains the same trust and longevity that for generations has defined the company’s relationships with customers, suppliers and employees.

Lower Manhattan

Lindenmeyr Paper began in a small office and warehouse in lower Manhattan. 1859

Raw Materials for Paper Making

M. Gottesman & Company, specializing in the sale of raw materials for paper making, is founded in New York City.1886

D. S. Gottesman

D. S. Gottesman (1885-1956), brought to America from Hungary as a child, enters the family business as a young man. Gottesman eventually becomes a successful investment banker, real estate investor, an organizer of the Central National Bank of the City of New York, and a notable philanthropist.1900

The Perfect Union

Lindenmeyr Paper Corporation, one of the leading independent fine paper merchants in the United States, is acquired by Central National Gottesman. Seldom have two entities come together whose activities are so different, yet complementary, and who share in common a similar philosophy of business and a long history of dedication to the same industry.1984

D.F. Munroe Company

The acquisition of D.F. Munroe Company, a paper merchant in the New England area, is completed.1988

Communication Paper

Central National Gottesman acquires Communication Paper Corporation, which specializes in the sale of communication and printing papers.1991

Perkins & Squier

Central National Gottesman acquires Perkins & Squier Company, a seller of book publishing papers1994

Warehouse Expansion

Lindenmeyr Munroe expands its activities to include the opening of two new warehouses in Baltimore/Washington DC and Richmond, VA.1996

Richmond, Virginia

Lindenmeyr Munroe acquires a competing paper merchant in Richmond, Virginia.2001

WWF Paper Chicago

Lindenmeyr Munroe expands into a major new market by opening a sales office and distribution facility in Itasca, Illinois, near Chicago, the largest print market in the U.S.2002

Wisconsin Paper

Lindenmeyr Munroe expands into two new markets. In February, Wisconsin Paper is acquired, expanding its footprint in the Midwest. 2007

North Carolina Expansion

Lindenmeyr Munroe continues its expansion into new markets and opens an additional facility in Durham, North Carolina.2007

Hudson City Paper

In December, Lindenmeyr Munroe acquires the Hudson City division of Frank Parsons, Inc., based in West Caldwell, New Jersey. The acquisition further strengthens its leading position in the important New York and New Jersey markets.2009

Fine Paper

Acquisition of Frank Parsons Fine Paper Division. This mid-Atlantic region’s leading independent paper merchant serves seven U.S. markets and consists of locations in or near Baltimore, MD, Washington, DC, Lynchburg, VA, Norfolk, VA, Richmond, VA, Harrisburg, PA, and Pittsburgh, PA. Also included in the sale are six wholesale paper stores.2010

Hudson Valley Paper Company

In February, Lindenmeyr Munroe acquires the assets and business of Hudson Valley Paper Company, one of upstate New York and New England’s oldest and most respected fine paper merchants.2011

Bel-Nor Company

In February, Lindenmeyr Munroe acquires Bel-Nor Company, Inc., a packaging company based in Hudson, New Hampshire. This strategic acquisition strengthens our packaging footprint in the New England market.2012

Spicers Paper

In July, Central National Gottesman acquires the U.S. assets of Spicers Paper, Inc. Spicers Paper is a major U.S. paper distributor with 12 warehouse locations in the West and Midwest.2012

Kelly Paper

In July, Central National Gottesman acquires Kelly Paper and its assets. Kelly Paper operates a successful chain of paper stores with 48 locations across four Western states.2012

Domtar’s Ariva

Central National Gottesman announced that it has entered into an agreement with Domtar Corporation where Lindenmeyr Munroe will acquire the United States operations of Domtar’s Ariva paper distribution business. Ariva, headquartered in Covington, Kentucky, is a major U.S. paper distributor, with 15 locations in the East and Midwest.2013

Bradner Central

Lindenmeyr Munroe division acquires the assets and business of Bradner Central Company, one of the oldest and most highly regarded family-owned paper merchants in the United States.2013

A.T. Clayton

Central National Gottesman acquires A.T. Clayton, one of North America's largest paper suppliers and its print consultancy and print management affiliates J.S. Eliezer and Continuum.2013

Spicers Canada

Central National Gottesman expands its North American distribution business, adding Spicers Canada to its growing portfolio of regional paper merchants. With 15 warehouses strategically located across Canada, Spicers Canada is a leading distributor of fine paper, sign and display media, industrial packaging and graphic arts supplies. 2015

C.J. Duffey Paper Company

In March, Lindenmeyr Munroe acquires the business of C.J. Duffey Paper Company, an independent distributor of fine and business papers in Minneapolis and Duluth, MN, strengthening its sales force and expanding their presence in the Midwest market. 2016

Graphic Paper

In July, Lindenmeyr Munroe acquires the business of New York-based Graphic Paper, a wholesale distributor of fine printing paper and converted products, adding state-of-the-art converting capabilities to their service portfolio.2016